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“AMOS is an acronym for Asset Management Operating System; this new acronym reflects the changes that not only the Maintenance world, but the AMOS software, have incurred in the last years.
With equipment becoming more and more complex to install, operate and repair, ensuring that any equipment lives as long as possible while remaining as close as possible to the initial operating conditions (and thus to the initial forecasted output, whatever this output maybe), has become a paramount task for any company. This is why there has been an evolution between Maintenance Management, which was essentially a way to make sure that the equipment was maintained in the best possible operating conditions, to Asset Management, which entails that the equipment has to be kept operational in the most effective way. In Asset Management, issues such as RCA (Root Cause Analysis, i.e. determining the reasons – there may be several – why a given equipment has failed), LCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis – determining how we can keep any equipment running before it becomes more convenient replacing it instead of repairing it), Stock management (determining the right quantity of spares to be kept in stock, with the lowest possible Rotation Index so that we do not waste money in keeping spares on shelves unnecessarily) all intervene to increase the Operational costs of any equipment. Large companies need to understand how much a given asset is depreciating and when it will need to be replaced. Maintenance thus becomes a still important but just a part of the total equation on how much managing a company (or a ship or an oil rig) costs”.

Giampiero Soncini
former SpecTec CEO




Cooperation with Caterpillar to raise maintenance management efficiency and cut costs.

SpecTec Group announces a new project with the Marine Asset Intelligence department of Caterpillar for an integrated Condition Based Maintenance solution (CBM) for shipboard equipment.

SpecTec and Cat® Asset Intelligence will work together to integrate their applications, with the aim to optimise ship maintenance procedures and performance and avoid unnecessary maintenance works.

The combined integrated system of the two companies will include on board sensor data that is automatically gathered and analysed by the Cat Asset Intelligence’s onboard predictive analytics platform, and then fed into SpecTec’s computerised maintenance management system, AMOS (Asset Management Operating System).

When component analytics indicate that action is required a work order can be automatically generated to initiate service, either at the next convenient time or immediately if necessary.

The companies plan to make this available for propulsion and other critical on board systems, covering both Cat and non-Caterpillar equipment.

Any service event that is triggered by Cat Asset Intelligence component monitoring through AMOS will also be flagged to the relevant classification for inclusion in ship records. This seamless process shall avoid any risk of human error and reduces administrative costs for busy seagoing engineering personnel.

SpecTec strongly believes in predictive maintenance practice as a tool that can make the shipboard equipment’s maintenance more efficient. A CBM solution potentially reduces the risk of unexpected stressing events or shipboard equipment failure, which have a negative impact on the ship performance and company’s budget.



AMOS is a registered trademark of SpecTec.